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Today is tonight and tomorrow night is yesterday morning.

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You Look Like Grace Kelly

I’ll just be walking down the sidewalk all by my lonesome when someone rifles off a penetrating question. Exotico, be mi mortif-operando? Roughly translated as that strange dead thing that can still get things done: ¿Eres una extraña cosa muerta que se mueve? Gold fibers are like golden bars. King Jason of the Argonauts knowsContinue reading “You Look Like Grace Kelly”

Jun Bee

June will be a sober month for me. Sobering. Me and some friends are going to do a kind of “no booze” June thing kind of like Sober October or like what I did in NO-vember. NO-vember 2020 went really well for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what I’m capable of here inContinue reading “Jun Bee”


Don’t feel sorry for me. Don’t feel bad. Being alone is better than wishing you were alone. The loss of that once important relationship or the death of someone we once loved with everything we had in our hearts can suddenly be the most freeing feeling we’ve experienced in years. Somewhere along the way thatContinue reading “Condolences”

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