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Today is tonight and tomorrow night is yesterday morning.

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Carrot Cakes

I have a concern about my career. I decided I would consult my new tarot card deck for insight. I shuffled the deck eleven times to represent the month of November and then counted to the 24th card facedown from the top and flipped it over. #52 Reveal the Mystery (inverted). I guess I’m reallyContinue reading “Carrot Cakes”

Nine Iron Frenzies

Once upon a time I was sipping on a 40 ounce bottle of Mickey’s malt liquor and watching wrasslin on the boob tube. After that I played video games and later took a nap on the couch. Simpler times. That was when I’d wake up in the morning after a keg party, drink two tallContinue reading “Nine Iron Frenzies”


The first time Andrea called me on the phone, I answered in my most bored and apathetic voice possible, “suicide hotline, how can I help you?” She chuckled. We just kinda seemed to get each other. She was a piece of work. And by that I mean she was like art. On the surface sheContinue reading “Andrea”

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